About Us

Coorg is well known for its food and culture. Apart from the 'pandi curry' the next famous aspect of Coorg is homemade wine. Wine is a passion for many and the Coorg women are mystically connected to homemade wine. They are known to make homemade wine out of almost all fruits, vegetables, grains and certain flowers and leaves! Homemade wine is often a matter of pride for the Coorg women and the one who makes the best is always sought after. It is a common offering at all Coorg weddings and watching the homemade wine bottles wrapped in exotic and attractive packings is definitely a feast for the eyes.

We at Coorg Wines are making an attempt to bring a part of this Coorg culture to your homes. Homemade wines available on our site are exclusively obtained from home makers in Coorg who are known to make quality wines. Come, indulge in the beautiful and fragrant journey called homemade wines!

The homemade wines available on our site are for personal consumption only. All individuals placing an order for homemade wines must be aged above 18 years.